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Must Read some tips and tricks will help in transitioning your career towards a video editor

Video Editing

All of us are fascinated by movies, web shows and serials. Some of these programs are directed, produced and videographed in such a beautiful manner that it leaves an impact on for a long time. Do you know what all goes in making such videos?


It’s the hard work and dedication of so many teams like production, direction, videographers, actors and Video editors and many other people behind the scenes. If you are one of those people who is awed by the whole filmmaking and video creations and someone who puts the creative hat on all the time video editing is one of the best careers for you.


What are the skills needed to become a video editor?

First and foremost is creativity and ability to think out of the box as you will be working with the raw scenes and great video editing can turn these raw video files into extraordinary films.

You also need to have patience as making a good video takes a lot of time and sometimes you might have to redo the editing a lot of times as per the clients needs.Now if you think you have these basic skills you can go ahead and learn the tools needed.


Some of tools for video editing: 

Adobe premiere pro/ final cut pro: These are the most used softwares for editing,so if you are looking towards making a career in the field of video editing go ahead and learn at least one of these two.

Basics of Adobe photoshop: You also would need to make some designs and there is no better and easy to learn software than photoshop for that purpose.

Adobe after effects: This is a great tool if you want an advanced level of video editing skills and want to be ahead of the competition. You can also make some animations using after effects.

Adobe illustrator: Although not necessarily to know but this is good to know software for your designing skills.


How to start your career in the field of video editing?


Now if you are someone who is new in this field of video editing and looking to advance ahead. It is a good idea to join an online or offline course. The benefits of these courses will be that you will have a mentor to clear your doubts and you will be able to pace up your learning by getting everything documented at one place. Some of the course providers online are on coursera, udemy, lynda etc.


Keep an eye on workshops: There are a lot of workshops and webinars that keep on happening in the space of learning video editing. You could probably join some of these workshops to get some hands on video editing experience.


Join community: Join videographers and video editing communities on facebook, linkedin etc. this might help you with your queries. Also a lot of discussions keep on happening around the similar topics in these communities which can be useful for you.


Youtube:Everything you want to learn is on youtube these days. Just pick up some of the best creators to learn from and subscribe and keep on watching their videos.


Join an internship: Joining an internship in a media house or some production house is the best thing you could do to grow ahead in your career as a video editor. By joining an internship you will get hands-on tools and also get guidance from your seniors which is really essential in the beginning of any career.


Practice, Practice, practice: As it is said practice makes the man perfect. No one becomes an amazing video editor just by learning tools, the time when you start editing videos you will actually keep on learning something in each and every video. The more videos you make the more you start getting close to perfect.


These are some tips and tricks if put into practice will help in transitioning your career towards a video editor. Even though the interest of people in kind of shows and movies keeps on changing every decade, these basics for video editing will always help in making videos visually appealing and will lay the foundations for your success as a videographer. 


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